2.12 Summer, Fall, Winter, France ~A Summery


In the last chapter Elizabetta spend a bunch of money on an expensive car, little Cosette became a toddler with her mama’s blond hair and pale green eyes, Jacques worked hard to get the last two kitten pictures and himself up on the walls, Betta and Angel won a pet contest, Jade and Rubis were given up for adoption but we kept their sister Saphir, Angel and Merlin started working on the next set of kittens, Elizabetta learned that fast food pizza was a real step down from her Papa’s food, but rather than learn to cook she added yet another expense to the household by hiring a butler instead.


VideEnd the last chapter with cute Toddlers. Start this next chapter with cute Toddlers. It is the best way.

So, with everything going on I find myself in an awkward situation, I have thought over and over about the best way to go about things.  Here is what I have decided.
1. I am behind on chapters but I felt so depressed about the story I couldn’t bring myself to write. And now looking at what I need to write makes me not want to continue.
2. I want to continue. Despite feeling behind, despite not liking 3 as much as 4. I want to finish this legacy before moving on to a legacy in 4.

And so, perhaps its cheaty or not as fun, I have decided to write a summery of the chapters I am behind on rather than full chapters. It will mean these aren’t as good or fun…but it will mean I can continue. I hope that is acceptable. It does mean this will be a big one, so strap in and I hope that doesn’t bother you too much.

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More Awards, More guilt, and an update.


Liebster Award

Okay okay….so the wonderful earthqueenami nominated me for the Liebster award. I am not sure if anyone noticed…but the last time I posted was the last time she nominated me for a wordpress award. September. Of last year. Then I got my butt in gear for exactly one chapter after that. And that’s it.
I’m actually pretty sure I don’t deserve this one. *uncomfortable laugh.   I have even been falling behind on my reading. But I do WANT to keep going. But there have been some things holding me back. BUT lets go though the fun stuff first shall we! So first, about the award.

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2.11 Spring ~maggiordomo


Last chapter of the Cultracy began with Elizabetta settling into her midlife crisis by getting a fresh makeover and flirting with the barista while Jacques continued to be the husband she doesn’t really deserve by continuing to make sure her precious kittens get up on the wall and being a great father to their two girls, Vin visits the spare families as usual, we throw a rather lackluster Snowflake day ball (we really need to throw better parties, but Betta considers standing around in finery and socializing a good time so…) Betta continued to flirt with not her husband, we realize that things are getting close with her LTW but every cat we run into we already know, then the terrible, if overdo, tragedy of losing our founding spouse finally strikes, and we have a big funeral before laying Vincenzo to rest next to his late wife Karla on founders hill.

Bienvenue my friends. It’s been a long time coming hasn’t it? But its never easy to continue on when you lose someone important and I have’t wanted to play without Vin. But we must go on.



Elizabetta tail ends her crisis by buying a super expensive car that they super can’t afford because it looks high class and she likes to pretend she is still rich.
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Sunshine Blogger and guilt.

Sunshine Blogger

Little Miss Sunshine

Similar to the Liebster Award, this was made by bloggers for bloggers as a way to sort of share the love around the blogging community. It’s a great way to give some recognition to some of your favorite blogs, and also to find new reading material along the way!

The Rules: 

  1. Thank the person who nominated you and add a link to their blog.
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  3. Nominate 11 bloggers and add their links.
  4. Notify the bloggers you included.
  5. Keep the rules in your post.

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2.10 Winter~ Crise


Screenshot-147 (1000x625)

Last time in the Cultracy Conny became a toddler with green eyes and brown hair, Sep had twins and Montez had a toddler but the information on them is currently missing, we finally brought ourselves to pack up Karla’s old art room and began turning it into a playroom, the two kittens Jade and Rubis finally aged up to cats like their sister, Betta and Jaques had a double birthday and became adults, Betts new age sate brought with it a midlife crisis, the spooky day feast was visited once again by Death taking Jacques Mama with him this time, Betta realized she was pregnant with the second french generation baby, and had a new baby girl at the end of the season named Cosette who is Clumsy and Loves the Heat.

Welcome to the home of Elizabetta Cultric, heir of the second generation of the cultracy.

And I have been now stuck on this opening all day and that’s just enough of that because I actually want to start being at least half butt productive.  So frigg it! Lets just go.



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2.9 Fall ~ Neuf Bijou


Last chapter the Cultric family was enjoying the summer weather when Betta suddenly needed to stop and give birth to her baby girl, Constance Cultric, who was born Excitable and Absent Minded, Betta decided that was the perfect excuse for a super shopping spree, everyone was super excited for the new baby, Claudia’s baby Jesse became a toddler so we got to see her genetics at work, we had a few antsim glitches, but so far we have identified them all and have been able to fix them, Jacques spent the rest of the money on a green house but at least he is finally working on his skill job to bring in money, but his Nectar skill is not high enough to make up for all the money spent yet, he registered as self employed, Saphire aged up into an adult kitty before her siblings, we barely managed pay the bill so the repo-man didn’t pay the family a visit, then Betta spent more money she didn’t really have to spare on updating her cat park.

Coucou my friends! Welcome back to the cultracy. I’m about 1 thousand years behind schedule. I don’t know why I can’t stop moving. and every time I sit down to do this I feel behind and discouraged. I mean… heck I dont even know if my old followers are still around! But I know of a couple that I think still are, my online simmer friends. So at the risk of sounding needy…I’m really depending on you guys. I hope things are going well for you and I hope things are well for our Betta. But there is one way to find out….on with the show!

Screenshot (1000x625)

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2.8 Summer ~ Petit Fifille


 In the last chapter Elizabetta hired a maid instead of actually helping around the house, Claudia and Graham had a new baby named Jesse, we updated the cat park, there was a jerk at the park being mean to his kid, Jacques and Elizabetta went to France so he could get started on his LTW , they had a little too much fun tasting the nectar, Betta refused to sell most of the loot from there so they didn’t get any money out of it, and she found out that juiced Woohoo can have baby bump side effects.

Hello hello hello! Zefiewings here and I have excuses but I’d rather just get right into it like I haven’t been MIA forever.


This summer is off to a great start with everyone just enjoying themselves. And frankly I love this picture, I don’t even really know why.

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Liebster award!


The award is to help bloggers with under 3,000 followers to promote it so others can find the work.

The Official Rules: 

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Not enough space


You are currently using 1.7 GB out of 3.0 GB upload limit (56%)



So…only partway through the second generation? That’s going to be a problem.


There are some things I am going to have to do. For example, my trait pages have all the trait images uploaded separately. Now that we know there are no more traits coming though I can make each of those charts just a single image then delete all the trait images.

I am working on making profile cards for the family members instead of 6 separate pictures each.

I got rid of the old Sawyer chapters that sucked anyway and all those images.

But this is not going to be enough. I just use too many pictures in my chapters.

What should I do? Get a new blog once this one fills? Just start not using pictures that are redundant or don’t matter instead of every image I take? (>.>) Will that be enough? Should I go back and thin out my old chapters? I really used a lot of pictures…

I mean…shorter chapters would mean I could actually get it written in one sitting so I’d have less trouble getting them out…so although it will be hard I don’t really have too much problem being more image picky. It might be weird though for the chapter to suddenly get short(er). I could set myself an image limit per chapter…

I could really use your help on this guys.