Cultracy – Legacy of culture

Over the years many simmers have come up with their own twists and ideas to the sim legacy, a wonder of a challenge brought to us by the mighty Pinstar.  I have now joined the ranks of those who have made their own legacy challenge. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you…

The Cultracy!

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As Pinstar’s standard legacy except;
1. Founder is of a neutral background ie: not particularly leaning to any culture.
2. Each generation is a different culture. The heir (and founder and all heirs thereafter) marries a spouse of that culture and their house, children’s names, etc. are all based around that culture.*
3. Order of the cultures is up to the player. Find culture ideas here.
4. The family may move to a town with the new move feature, but you must still buy the biggest lot, you may not move mid generation, and the house should still be made on an empty lot, not using a pre-made one.
5.  If you want to keep score, like in Pinstars rules, check out the Score Rules for how to adjust for the cultracy.
6.  See additional challenges** for extra rules and fun ideas and check out the inhericy for special trait rules in the stead of rolling randomly.

Culture inspired! *

Try basing these things off of your culture!

  1. Names:  The spouse that is purely that culture should especially have names of the culture, but so should all the kids born of that generation. Consider doing the same thing for any pets adopted of that gen as well. You could also use words in the appropriate language for this.
  2. Traits and LTW: This may only apply to the spouse, but if you are using the inhericy rules you can choose to “prune” the children to try and resemble the culture as well.
  3. Language: Your first instinct may be that this only applies to those who are writing. It’s true that this can really help here: using the appropriate term for mom and dad, or other members of the family, names for pets, or other little things will help you and your readers get into the feel of things. But this can also apply to naming cars, paintings/other creations, purchased community lots, teddy bears, and other things like that.
  4. Wedding: Try looking up wedding traditions of your culture and implementing as many as possible.
  5. Holidays: As with the wedding, check out how your culture celebrates the seasonal holidays and use what you can.
  6. House: When designing your home, you must do your best to reflect the culture as much as possible. You do have a few options for this.

A) Make a standard style building and just decorate to match. Redecorate every gen.

B) Make the building/architecture match the culture as well. Re-build every generation.

C) Buy a new lot and build a new house every gen. It must still be the biggest lot.

D) Use different methods for different gens.

No matter the chosen method, as much of the house should reflect the culture as possible. The exceptions are children’s rooms which may have child themes instead, if there is a bathroom attached to one or more children’s rooms, it may also have a child’s theme but only if they are attached, or if there are members from older cultures still living at the house, their room can (and even should!) reflect the generation culture they were part of.


Extra rules. Feel free to use as few or as many as you wish, or come up with your own!

1. Self made rule: Each generation’s heir or spouse (just one) must have a different self-employment. The spouses and spares may get part-time jobs only up to generation 5, then they may get regular jobs. The self-employment skills may not be repeated until they all have been used. Then they be repeated if needed. This is meant to cut down on the immense wealth that these families seem to accumulate so quickly.

2. Real shopping rule: Items that are available for purchase at an existing store must not be bought through buy mode or through the fridge. This includes birthday cakes.

3.Real selling rule: Items must be sold at the appropriate vendor. They may not be sold in the inventory or though buy mode if possible.

4. Hands off rule: Don’t use the “magic hand”, that is don’t click and drag things into garbage, back into bookshelves/fridges, or otherwise do things so your sims don’t have to for them.

5. Succession Laws: When choosing the heir, consider one of these options: once one is chosen stick with it for the remainder of the challenge.

A) Matriarchy – Only female heirs can be chosen. Pick your favorite or combine with another succession law (not B) to chose which female to use. Oldest child is most popular for this.

B) Patriarchy – Only males heirs can be chosen. Pick your favorite or combine with another succession law (not B) to chose which male to use. Oldest child is most popular for this.

C) Oldest Child – Oldest eligible child takes over. Used by itself or in combination with other laws.

D) Youngest Child – Youngest eligible child takes over. Used by itself or in combination with other laws.

E) Child who best reflects his/her culture – By looks or by traits, choose the child that fits the best with the culture generation they were born into. This is the culture of the parent who married the previous heir.

F) Child who best fits the NEXT chosen culture – By looks or by traits, choose the child that fits the best with the upcoming culture. This is the culture of the spouse they will marry.

G) Poll/Vote – this one can be done choosing the child or a culture poll.
A child poll is where all eligible children are voted on by friends, family, readers/watchers etc, for who should take over as heir.
A culture poll is one where you secretly assign each eligible child to a different culture, which are voted on for which culture will take over without knowing which child will be heir. You can keep the child assigned to the winning culture a surprise until the time they take over or reveal which child was to each culture as soon as the vote as over.


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