Cultures of a cultracy.

Cultures of a cultracy

Please comment with ideas here or at the sims forum page.

Culture item set examples


– Itadakimasu! Japanese Inspired Dining
– Japanese Inspired Living Compilation
– Japanese Inspired Clothing Collection
– Imperial Bedroom Zen
– Zen Again


– Asian Fusion

– Select items from world adventures


– Africa Inspiration Collection
– Safari Living Set

4. French

– Provence
– Select items from World Adventures

5. Egyptian

– Select items from World Adventures

6. Hawaiian/Pacific Islander

– Beach Bummin’
-Island Villa
-Sun, Surf & Sand (Swim + Sleep)
– Sunlit tides items

– Isla Paradiso

7. Greek

– Muse Luxury


– India Inspirations Clothing and Hairstyles
– India Inspirations Living and Bedroom Collection


– Fabulous Fiesta!


– Monte Vista items

11. (boat style..?)

-Nautical Living

– Isla Paradiso

12. Romani

-drifters desire

13. Iceland

-Aurora Skies

14. Russia

– Mother Russia set

15. Old Hollywood

-Roaring Heights

-Hollywood Regency Den

16. Old Celtic

– Dragon Vally

17. Moroccan

– Morocco Mystique

18. Apple Pie American

– Farm fresh folk set

– country living


6 thoughts on “Cultures of a cultracy.

  1. Hey! I was making up a list of cultures for my own future reference and thought I’d post some of my ideas here in case you or anyone else attempting this challenge would be interested in using them 🙂

    – Moroccan with the Morocco Mystique set from the store and the custom world Al Medina by Zach Bundy
    – Hawaiian/Pacific Islander with Isla Paradiso and the “island” sets you listed
    – Apple Pie American (with the white picket fence, 2.5 kids, a dog, homemaker wife, etc.)
    – Country Culture with the store’s farm sets and Riverview
    – Futuristic Culture using ITF and Future Shock sets from the store
    – Supernaturals???? They’re a kind of culture sort of???

    To be honest, it was harder than I thought it would be to think up of 10 different cultures lol but I guess depending on how loosely the term is used there are a lot of subcultures that could be used.
    Anyways, that’s all I’ve got but I’ll comment here again if I come up with anymore.
    Happy simming!~

    • Thanks for your feedback! I will add too the list.

      I will use the ones that more fit the basic theme, but you are VERY welcome to stretch the definition and make the idea even more your own!

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