Inhericy – a trait adjustment rule.

Now, I love Pinsar’s rules as much as the next simmer, but there has always been one aspect of the legacy challenge that has bothered me. The Trait system. Don’t get me wrong, I get why we randomize it; knowing and choosing what to be would make a perfect heir all too easy. The Problem is as it sits, it is actually more beneficial to not be able to choose your trait because when the game does it, it seems to take things like lifestyle and genetics into account. Just hitting the rolling button does not. Not doing well in life gives you the reward, which I feel goes against the spirit of the legacy challenge.

So me being who I am, I have proceed to begin making a complicated set of rules to counteract that.  Humans and Occults, I give you…

The Inhericy trait rule


1.  There are 3 list of traits: Can have, Can’t have, and Must Unlock.

2.  Each age group will have a Lifetime Happiness Goal. These will also be different depending on lifespan.

  1. Every time you reach this goal, you can move one trait from the Can Have to the Can’t have, or vice versa. You can do this as many times as your reach the goal until age up.

  2. To be able to get the traits from the Must Unlock to must to a certain task. Once you have unlocked it, it goes automatically into the Can Have list.

  3. Any traits your parents have also get automatically moved from the Can’t Have to Can Have, but Must Unlock tasks must still be completed even if the parents have them.

  4. Once you are able to choose traits, roll as normal. If the trait is currently on your Can Have, you gain it. If you Can’t Have then re-roll. If multiple traits must be chosen, once you can keep the top trait, remember it and repeat the process. Then add the first trait to the bottom.

  5. For Keeping track of Lifetime Happiness points, you have two options.

A) Write down the current total as soon as the sim ages up, (or starts University) and subtract it from the new total when next choosing traits.  Using this method you can buy rewards as normal because you are using the values under “lifetime total”.

B) You must spend all points only on your sims birthday. Once you have purchased all you can or want, choose change of taste until you can’t anymore (and simply don’t change anything). Any remaining points are a sort of gift towards the next trait level for choosing the harder method, but you must spend as many points as possible. Then you can not buy any more rewards until next trait. This way the number you can switch is not the total, but the current. Once they have reached YA, you may start spending rewards as normal.

Follow the links to the specific pages to see the trait lists.

Ideas on how these page could be organized are also welcome. Eventually, I plan to have a set of number parameters for each lifespan (shot, medium, normal, long, epic) since the longer lifespans should have to do more. Because of this, I welcome anyone who can tell me their average amount of points earned per lifestage and what lifespan they play on. I can’t do this without help.

Infant – earned by pregnant sim

Child – earned as toddler

Teen– earned as child

Young Adult – earned as teen

Extra Trait– earned in university

Extra Trait 2 – earned for maxing social group


14 thoughts on “Inhericy – a trait adjustment rule.

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  2. This sounds cool. I think I’m going to do a combo of this and wishacy with my next sims. It may even become my main play style. Thanks

    • That would be great! Make sure you toss us a link because I would love to read it if you write a story. If you just play, let me know how it goes.
      This rule is still very much a work in progress but I like the idea of it so hopefully I can make it work.

  3. Hey Zefiewings! This looks really good and I can’t wait to test it out! I’m just wondering about the traits you must unlock, are there specific requirements to determine at what point the trait is “unlocked”?

  4. Hi, just going through your inhericy categories for future reference andddddd I couldn’t help but notice that you seem to have some overlap in “Teen – earned as child” and “Young Adult – earned as teen” like for the teen trait you have ‘hopeless romantic – earned by having a bf/gf’ and ‘workaholic – earned by having a part time job’ even though kids can’t have significant others or jobs.
    Just something I noticed. When I copied it over into Excel I just deleted them and moved them to ‘cant have’ but I thought you might want to know.
    Anyway – the fact that you went through and sorted all the traits in the first place is an amazing feat of its own. 🙂

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  6. I do love this idea, especially the one where I can choose to take a trait *off* the “Can Have” list if I have enough LTH. I wish I could just remove some traits from the game altogether – Heavy/Light Sleepers, Loves the Heat/Cold, Easily Impressed, etc. While they do add to personality, they seem to have a higher-than-normal chance of coming up when rolling. I don’t mind having one child with one of the traits, but when 4/5 children have a sleeper trait, it irritates me!

    I think I’ll try this out with the next generation of my legacy. I’m not blogging it, so will come back here to let you know how it goes.

    • I know exactly what you mean! It just winds up feeling so repetitive. I just hope that with this method you feel like you can ‘earn’ a certain style for a sim without being able to out right choose.

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