Infant Trait.

Infant stage (earned in pregnancy):

Remember: this time it is how many happiness points the pregnant mom earns.

lth points

Lifetime Happiness Goal: 200

Can Have                                            Can’t Have                                              Must Earn

Trait_Absent-Minded_small Absent-Minded
Trait_Can't_Stand_Art_smallCan’t Stand Art
Trait_Excitable_small Excitable

Trait_Eccentric_small Eccentric


Trait_Neurotic_small Neurotic


Trait_Artistic_smallArtistic:  Mother painted, sculpted, took a picture (using a camera, not phone) or visited the art gallery.

Trait_Genius_smallGenius: Mother played chess, looked through a telescope, or read a logic book.

Trait_Virtuoso_smallVirtuoso: Mother played any instrument or attended a concert.


Trait_Clumsy_small Clumsy
Trait_Couch_Potato_small Couch Potato
Trait_Heavy_Sleeper_smallHeavy Sleeper
Trait_Light_Sleeper_small Light Sleeper



Trait_Loves_the_Cold_smallLoves the Cold
Trait_Loves_the_Heat_smallLoves the Heat

Trait_Sailor_small Sailor

Trait_Athletic_small Athletic: Mother worked out, jogged, or attended a game at the stadium. Swimming does not qualify unless an athletic point is gained.


Trait_Easily_Impressed_smallEasily Impressed

Trait_Grumpy_small Grumpy

Trait_Loner_small Loner

Trait_Friendly_small Friendly



Trait_Hates_the_Outdoors_smallHates the Outdoors

Trait_Loves_the_Outdoors_smallLoves the Outdoors

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7 thoughts on “Infant Trait.

  1. A few things…
    Without mods, sims can’t be natural cooks until they reach teenhood, so you can drop that off the list.
    Couldn’t loves the cold and loves the heat also be unlocked (as well as hates/loves outdoors)?
    I’ve been using this as a base for choosing my sims’ traits, so thanks for the idea.

    • Ah, oh um right…oops I’ll take that off. ‘^.^

      And yes…Loves heat/cold/outdoors is supposed to be “can’t have” though hates the outdoors is automatic because it is a ‘negative’ trait.

      Thanks for your help.

  2. While this question will be moot when I get back to my game, I’m curious, when do you start counting LTH points for the pregnant sim in your game? When do you stop? I ask because I’m interested in this, but decided to start counting right after the chime and stopped counting once the sim is in labor and I got a lot of moves from counting it that way.

    Also, what’s a tait? XD

    • You are correct, you start at the chimes: she affecting her unborn child, whether she knows it or not, up until the point she releases it into the world.

      And a tait is what happens when you spend too many hours working on the same thing. Thanks for pointing it out though. 😉

    • I guess my biggest wonder is…how much should I make the LTH “goal”?

      This is the only one that doesn’t really get affected by lifespan since I am pretty sure pregnancy is the same length no matter what.

      • Yeah, so far as I know, pregnancy is always three sims days despite age span (Which is weird, but whatever we’ll roll with it). I don’t really know about the goal though. If you still have a written record of how may LTH points Karla gained when pregnant those four times she was then you could take an average of those and base it on that. But that’s a small sample size (Unless there are other people I don’t know about keeping track of this as well and as such you could have a better sample size). It could be prudent to wait and see if ask anybody else experimenting with this for data. For instance, I’ve only recorded two totals so far, both with the same sim, because I didn’t discover this until recently. For the record the totals as best as I can estimate were 5400 and 8700 (These are rounded down too for the obvious reason that anything beyond the hundreds place doesn’t matter), which given the current goal seem a bit…. high, especially considering that there are only twenty-four traits (Even less if you don’t have all the EPs) that can be switched between the can and can’t have columns above if one wanted to do such a strange thing. Granted, that total should really be twenty-five anyway because you forgot the Easily Impressed trait.

        Also, thanks for the answer before, it’s good to know my OCTs were right about that. 😀

        • Well, the idea is you can take things out of the ‘can have’ section to sort of prune down the traits to be things you want/make sense.

          For example; When Tony was little he was constantly in/around water. Fishing, splashing in water, swimming, going on ‘underwater adventures’. One of the first traits I ‘moved’ for him was hydrophobic because it just wouldn’t make any sense for him to go from being practically a fish to being afraid of water.

          I am going to start up a sims thread asking people to help out with data collecting. You are right; I need more info.

          UakjsdhAS. Sigh..I’ll go add that in right now. Thanks for pointing out all my mistakes.

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